COVID-19 Vaccination During Pregnancy

Let’s remember, the mRNA in vaccines does not cross the placental barrier and does not reach the fetus.

Indeed, protective antibodies pass to your baby through the placental barrier and breastfeeding.

Although there are no studies yet specifically designed for pregnant and/or immunocompromised individuals,

mRNA vaccine studies have involved at least 36 participants who became pregnant during the trials,

Where as 18 of them were in the vaccine group…

They are still being closely monitored for any effect…

Now let’s talk a little bit about numbers…

In early May 2021, more than 100.000 pregnant women had been vaccinated for COVID-19,

And 5.000 were recorded in a registry to be followed up for any concerns.

You can reach updated information from this link ….

Available data suggest that pregnant patients with COVID-19 are at greater risk of serious illness compared to their non-pregnant peers !!!

Ellington MMWR 2020

Collin 2020

Delahoy MMWR 2020

Khan 2021

Zambrano MMWR 2020

Although the absolute risk for severe COVID-19 is low, these data were compared with pregnant women and non-pregnant women with symptomatic COVID-19 infection show an increased risk for

  • Need for intensive care unit
  • Need for mechanical ventilation
  • Death

Similarly, pregnant patients with co-morbidities such as obesity and diabetes are at higher risk of serious disease compared to the general population with similar diseases.

Although there is currently limited data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnant women,

Experts believe these vaccines are unlikely to pose a risk based on their mechanism of action…

Animal studies completed in the first phase did not reveal any findings that would pose a safety risk to individuals or their infants who received the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine before or during pregnancy.

Subsequently, no safety risks were observed for vaccinated pregnant individuals or their babies in the CDC and FDA safety monitoring systems data…

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