Do mRNA Vaccines Really Work? YES, THEY DO!!!

Do mRNA Vaccines Really Work?


Scientific data has clearly demonstrated how effective COVID-19 vaccines, particularly the mRNA vaccines, and has been dramatically reducing:

  • Hospitalization,
  • Need for intensive care, and
  • Mortality rates…

The pandemic has turned into a sacrificial phase of the unvaccinated (or incompletely vaccinated),

I guess everyone is probably aware of this situation…

If you are not, please follow the reports of reliable and reputable scientific organizations.

Almost all the patients who had been hospitalized, or followed in the intensive care units, or died due to COVID-19 were either unvaccinated or incompletely vaccinated !!!

Recent Effectiveness Results of mRNA Vaccines

What Does Current Data Say?

Efficacy is one of the most important parameters for the choice of a therapeutic agent or vaccine;

If not, why should I recommend something that can not provide meaningful impact to my patients…

Effectiveness is necessary, however not sufficient;

Because it should be supported with safety data as well!!!

In other words, while I am gaining in one subject, it should not make me lose in another…

The mass data about the safety profile has always been collected in the post-marketing period with the widespread use of that product.

Many studies have now shown that COVID-19 vaccines are both effective and safe;

Such as shared in NEJM on August 25th, which includes observation of more than 1.700.000 vaccinated people.

Now, let’s take a look at the current publications on effectiveness.

In a report shared by the CDC, it was reported that the death risk of fully vaccinated people due to COVID-19 was 11 times less and the risk of hospitalization was 10 times less compared to unvaccinated individuals.

In a similar CDC publication dated August 29, it was shared that unvaccinated individuals were 29.2 times more likely to be hospitalized.

Effectiveness of mRNA Vaccine in Healthcare Professionals:

The results of a multicenter study on healthcare professionals which was conducted by the CDC on healthcare workers, which means the population with a very high risk of transmission, showed that mRNA vaccines provide an efficacy of:

  • 82% after the first shot
  • 94% after the second shot
mRNA vaccine effectiveness in healthcare professionals

This data is very meaningful…


  • Healthcare workers are at the forefront of the pandemic,
  • They are by far the riskiest group in terms of transmission

Even in such a risky group, the fact that the protection against symptomatic disease which is equivalent to the rates in the general population shows that the vaccines do their job quite well.

So What About the Situation in The Elderly?

As you know, another vulnerable group is individuals over the age of 65.

Our elders are at the top of the high-priority groups for COVID-19 infection, and its morbidity and mortality risk.

In a study conducted between January and March 2021 with people over the age of 65, it was determined that the application of the full-dose mRNA vaccine provided a 94% reduction in hospitalizations.

real-world data of mRNA vaccines in elderly

The Highest Risk Group:

The group with the highest risk of transmission is “front-line healthcare workers” or “first responders” who are involved in the active fight against COVID-19.

They are in close contact with dozens or even hundreds of positive patients every day…

Another study completed by the CDC showed that the full-dose mRNA vaccine reduced the risk of symptomatic COVID-19 infection of front-line healthcare workers by 90%.

It was even found that the risk was reduced by 80% just two weeks after the first dose.

mRNA vaccine effectiveness in first responder healthcare professionals

As a final piece of data, let me share the report of the Office for National Statistics, dated 13 September 2021:

In the first seven months of 2021, full-dose vaccinated people account for only 1.2% of deaths due to COVID-19!!!

I strongly recommend you not to make any comments such as “the vaccinated die too”

Otherwise, I may not be able to control my calmness in responding…

No vaccine is 100% protective,

No scientist has ever made such a claim,

Nobody has committed you immortality

But still, it wouldn’t be wise to resist a solution that would protect you from death and other disease-related problems at such a high rate!!!

vaccines save lives

In Summary…

The available data has already made it crystal clear how effective and safe the vaccines were…

And not a day passes without stronger evidence to support this claim.

Indeed, I also know that individuals who believe in some pseudo-science deceptions and conspiracy theories, will not be convinced no matter how strong the reference is,

But I have not lost all my hopes…

What if it works???

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