Menstrual Period Changes After Vaccination

It is reported that some women have experienced menstrual period changes after vaccination;

They realize that their periods are somewhat different.

There have been rare reports of temporary changes in menstrual cycles (for example, heavier menses, early or late-onset, and dysmenorrhea) in some individuals who have recently received the COVID-19 vaccine.


Our previous experience shows that there might be temporary menstrual irregularities after HPV (Human Papilloma Virus / Cervical Cancer Vaccine) and flu vaccines;

Indeed there is evidence that both influenza and HPV vaccines can temporarily affect the menstrual cycle…

However, they do not have long-term side effects!!!

Let me repeat once more: Temporary changes…

Most people who have reported a change in their periods after vaccination have also been reporting that cycles turn back the same as how it was in the pre-vaccine era.

More importantly,

There are plenty of scientific studies on this topic,


No evidence has been shown up to date that the COVID-19 vaccines affect fertility.

You can reach in depth analysis from the article titled “Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Cause Infertility in Women?

Menstrual Period Changes After Vaccination

Available Scientific Information on Menstrual Period Changes After Vaccination

It is very well known that many factors such as stress, anxiety, and nutrition can affect menstruation.


Please do not evaluate stress only in the context of emotional tension;

Any extraordinary effect and/or pressure on the body should be regarded within the spectrum of the stress.

For tens of thousands of years,

The reproductive system has been programmed to prevent pregnancy in any stressful situations to cope with the current stressor by conserving energy.


Both the vaccine-induced immune response and COVID-19 are important source of stress.

In fact, scientists who have focussed to the details of this situation have determined that even being exposed to tear gas can cause menstrual changes in more than half of women (54% to be exact).

And in the light of all this information,

It is so important to keep in mind that it can be very difficult to determine a causality relationship between vaccination and periods…

Recent Clinical Studies:

Menstrual period changes have been reported after both mRNA and adenovirus vector vaccines.

It is proposed to be a result of the immune response to the vaccine rather than a specific vaccine component;

Just like observed with some other vaccines…

Indeed, the menstrual cycle can be affected by immune activation in response to a wide variety of stimuli, including viral infection:

In a study of menstruating women, it was also shown that about a quarter of those infected with SARS-CoV-2 experienced menstrual irregularities as well…

Beginning from the start of the vaccination program in the UK, there have been 30.000 reports of menstrual cycle changes after COVID-19 vaccines administration to the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Authority (MHRA)

If you only focus on the numbers, this amount of reporting might be frightening;

And this is exactly what the anti-vaccine lobby aims!!!


If you do not know the whole story, manipulated numbers and manipulated statistics can be misleading for you!!!

On the other hand,

With more than 93 million vaccines administered in the UK (half of the total doses were administered to women),

The same statistic also means that 99.97% of women report no change in their menstrual cycle!!!

Last but not the least,

Clinical studies show that there is no difference in unintended pregnancy rates between vaccinated and unvaccinated groups. In addition, studies have also shown that pregnancy rates in vaccinated and unvaccinated patients were similar for pregnancies planned with assisted reproductive techniques

Last A Few Words…

Please bear in mind that,

The most important difference of vaccines from other treatment agents is that they provide proactive protection against a situation that does not exist yet,

Which means that it is a kind of insurance for the protection of health in the future.

Today, individuals who are not vaccinated may not get the disease,


Unfortunately, unvaccinated individuals who lost their lives due to this infection will not have a chance to say “I wish I could get my shots”.

Nobody wants one or more of his/her ribs to be broken;

But just think…

If this rib fracture was caused by the protection of the seat belt that has saved life from a fatal accident,

Instead of being sad, he/she should be more than happy!!!

It may also be a choice not to wear a seat belt with the thought of “Nothing should happen to my ribs”.

(I did not understand, I am not understanding, and I will not understand the mindset behind this attitude; however, this is the stereotypical attitude of antivaccine guys)


Please keep in mind for a moment that this choice is also to throw the dice about your own life and that of your beloved ones.

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