Hair Loss After COVID-19

Some people may experience visibly intense hair loss after COVID-19.

Even months after the illness, many people find that their hair is falling out in large clumps.

If we’ve learned anything from the coronavirus pandemic,

It’s probably to expect the unexpected!!!


This condition that can be observed in many people following COVID-19 may not actually be that unexpected.

Here is the reason…

Temporary Hair Loss Is Normal After Fever or Illnesses

The most common symptom of COVID-19 is fever, as everyone knows.

Even during the following few months of a febrile illness, many people may experience temporary hair loss;

This situation is not unique to COVID-19, that is caused by SARS-CoV-2.

Hair Loss After COVID-19

Although many people think of it as hair loss, it is actually a temporary hair shedding.

The medical terminology used for this type of hair loss is telogen effluvium.

It happens when more hairs than normal enter the shedding (telogen) phase of the hair growth lifecycle at the same time.

A fever or illness can force more hairs into the shedding phase.

The reason for hair loss observed two to three months after fever or illness is the confusion in this cycle.

Handfuls of hair can come out when you shower or brush your hair.

This hair shedding can last for six to nine months before it stops.

Hair Loss After COVID-19 and telogen effluvium

Most people then see their hair start to look normal again and stop shedding.

Telogen effluvium, which we mentioned above, causes visible hair loss,

However that is all you should experience…

If you have a rash, itchy scalp, or burning, something other than telogen effluvium is likely causing your hair loss,

And in this case it’s time to see a dermatologist to observe the root cause of the situation.

Stress Can Also Cause Temporary Hair Shedding

Even if you never developed a fever or COVID-19, you may still see hair shedding.

Emotional stress can also force more hairs than normal into the shedding phase.

And who isn’t feeling more stressed and anxious during the pandemic?


After 2-3 months of intense stress, hair loss may be experienced.

Even this situation can turn into a vicious circle…

Seeing your hair falling out in clumps can increase your stress,

When you are stressed, your hair falls out more…

In this case, excessive hair loss will be stopped only when stress is under control.

Hair Loss Tends to Return to Normal on Its Own After COVID-19

Hair Tends to Return to Normal on Its Own

When the cause of your hair shedding is due to a fever, illness, or stress, hair tends to return to normal on its own.

You just have to give it time.

As your hair grows back, you’ll notice short hairs that are all the same length by your hairline.

Most people see their hair regain its normal fullness within six to nine months.

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